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Foot Safety For Home Projects

Updated: May 16

The cold weather is finally subsiding causing an uptick in home improvement projects including long over-do deep cleans and even renovations. As we head into summer and the projects extend to the home’s exterior, here are ways to keep your feet healthy and protected.

Power washing: Power washers are great for cleaning the toughest of outdoor stains soapy water and a scrub brush simply can’t do. When operating a power washer, make sure to wear fully close-toed shoes and pay careful attention of where you’re spraying without getting too close to your feet. The pressure from a heavy-duty power washer is strong enough to take off the superficial layer of skin, especially on the toes as they’re more sensitive.

Ladders & Roofing: Ladders are used for many home projects, big and small, so it might seem unnecessary to pay attention to what shoes you’re wearing when only using it for a minute. However, repeated climbing without proper foot support can lead to painful neuromas or even slipping and falling. The same goes for any roofing projects where you need shoes with proper support and traction.

Decking: If you find yourself tackling a decking project, be sure to “bench” the flip flops and wear supportive, close-toed shoes. Whether it’s ripping up existing deck boards or installing a new one, walking around splintered, jagged wood planks and discarded nails can be a recipe for disaster. One wrong step and the thin sole of flip flops and even your foot can easily be punctured.

If you find yourself with an injury from a recent home project, contact our office as soon as possible for proper assessment and treatment.

Graphic of Men working safety on a Roof

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