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Watch Out for Old Injuries

Updated: May 16

After spending the long winter months cooped up inside, the first signs of spring always bring excitement and eagerness to get outside. Before heading out for your favorite sports or hitting the pavement, keep in mind the last few months of increased inactivity may have weakened the muscles, tendons and ligaments of your feet and ankles. Stretch and condition your feet and ankles to work your way up to any outdoor activities to avoid injury. If you’ve experienced a foot or ankle injury in the past, residual pain and weakness could reappear once you start ramping up your activity.

To avoid reinjuring your foot or ankle, schedule an appointment with our office for an athletic or fitness plan to help you ease into the season. We can examine your foot or ankle for damage caused by improperly healing ligaments, which could lead to pain and swelling. Foot and ankle pain is never normal no matter how light or strenuous the activity. Schedule an appointment with our office to make sure your feet and ankles are ready for spring!

Touching your toes stretch

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