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Prepare for Spring Walkathons to Avoid Foot & Ankle Injuries

Updated: Mar 22

As the long winter winds down, you might be anxious to sign up for a spring charity walk to support your favorite cause. However, without adequate preparation, long-distance walking after spending the past few months mostly indoors can result in pain or injury to the tendons and bones in your feet and ankles. The risk is especially high if you do not engage in regular exercise.

Walking is often considered an easy, low-impact activity, but that is not always the case. Walking for longer periods of time or for long distances can take a toll on your body’s support structures. Over longer distances, your feet and ankles can swell or become sore or you could twist an ankle, develop tendonitis or rupture an Achilles tendon. And if you have bunions or diabetes, you are more likely to suffer a foot or ankle injury if you do not properly prepare for the event.

While conditioning programs to help participants prepare for a distance walk are limited, you can get ready by walking a little bit each day in the weeks leading up to the event. Gradually increase the intensity and duration of your walks and listen to your body. Know when to take a break and be aware of the signs of a minor injury in your feet and ankles to help prevent it from turning into a major injury.

Before you start on a walking event, schedule an appointment with our office to have your feet and ankle examined and to get tips on proper training techniques.

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