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Common Foot Care Myths Debunked

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Healthy feet happen when you have the facts, but you’d never believe how many old wives’ tales and myths exist about foot care. Now is the time to debunk the myths that stand in the way of you and healthy feet.

Foot in pain

Myth: Cutting a notch in an ingrown toenail relieves the pain. Fact: This doesn’t relieve the pain and may actually cause more problems and discomfort. If you have an ingrown toenail, don’t perform bathroom surgery—call our office to schedule an appointment. In many cases, a simple surgical procedure will fix the ingrown toenail.

Myth: Walking on an injured foot means it isn’t broken. Fact: Depending on the injury and your threshold for pain, it’s possible to walk on a broken foot or ankle. This can make the injury worse and can also lead to serious complications. Stay off an injured foot until you can come to our office for an evaluation.

Myth: Shoes cause bunions. Fact: Bunions are most often caused by an inherited faulty mechanical structure of the foot, which only surgery can correct.

Myth: A doctor can’t fix a broken toe. Fact: Untreated broken toes may develop arthritis or become deformed. Schedule an appointment with our office immediately if you think your toe is broken.

Treatment options may include: • Rest - Sometimes rest is all that is needed to heal a traumatic fracture of the toe. • Splinting - The toe may be fitted with a splint to keep it in a fixed position. • Rigid or stiff-soled shoe - Wearing a stiff- soled shoe protects the toe and helps keepit properly positioned. • “Buddy taping” the fractured toe to another toe is sometimes appropriate, but in other cases, it may be harmful. • Surgery - If the break is badly displaced or if the joint is affected, surgery may be necessary.

Myth: Foot pain is normal as you get older. Fact: Foot pain is not normal at any age. Our office can provide relief for many painful conditions, such as arthritis,bunions or hammertoes.

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