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Avoid Running Injuries!

Image of foot running injury

Taking a run can be great for your mental and physical health, however if during a run you start to feel like you have something bunched up under the ball of your foot, it could be a Morton’s neuroma.

A Morton’s neuroma is caused by irritation and compression from repeated pressure on the nerve in the ball of the foot. The irritation causes thickening and enlargement of tissue surrounding the nerve and makes it feel as if something is bunched up under your foot. Symptoms of this neuroma typically begin gradually and can go away by massaging the foot or avoiding activities or shoes that irritate it, but the symptoms will worsen over time as the neuroma gets bigger. A persistence irritation can cause even temporary nerve changes to become permanent, so it’s important to contact our office right away for early, proper treatment.

Prompt treatment with padding, ice, orthotics or medication may help you avoid more invasive therapies down the road. If you think you may have a Morton’s neuroma or experience any type of foot pain from running, contact our office as soon as you notice symptoms for an accurate diagnosis.

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